Our artist relations team has extensive experience in music, radio, tv, film, and video production. The thousands of artists we interview are freelance and a good representation of what the 2nd largest Equity market in the nation has to offer. We pre-screen each artist or group we represent. We can provide Day Players, Hosts, Voice Over Artists, Comedians, Bands, Dancers, Singers, Models and even Background Performers. We are an excellent booking source for Producers. We know this market's talent. We understand our clients needs. We can find the right artist for every role and we are one of the strongest artists representation teams you will find.


We provide talent for the highest quality events, live streaming radio/TV, and print media in major markets across the country from Los Angeles to New York. Bring your talent needs for your event to us and we'll provide the best talented professionals available to you. Whatever you're celebrating, launching, or promoting, we've got a talented professional to meet your requirements with an event idea with your name on it, plus experienced event staff, social media marketing, and more--you name it.  


The programming is principally a mix of talk shows, discussions, open forums, music, talent showcases, motivational speakers, and more.  Have a special project, service, or information that requires a wider audience opportunity, let's talk about you hosting your own show. We can provide on location or in-house studio time to accommodate all events of every size and stripe.

Charmers Entertainment Studios is a full service event planning, entertainment, and talent management company with its main office located in Crownsville, MD. For years, the entire Mid Atlantic region, has been viewed by many as a hot bed of great talent! It is our experience that much of this talent goes un-represented by any type of management.  CES is actively seeking to facilitate artist management and development by offering its services to select talented artists.

Management is an integral part of the evolution of the serious artist. 

We are equipped to represent an array of music talent as well as comedy, TV & radio personalities, different genre's of musical talent to include; R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz and rock. Individualized services are designed to enhance the career of the recording artist, song producer, actor, radio & tv personality, entertainer, and writer. As well we can provide consulting services to established production companies and event planners.

Charmers Entertainment Studios prides itself on dedication to quality business standards, strong marketing resources, and an eye, and ear, for talent that can make a difference.




 To provide opportunities, venues, and artist representation to contribute to building relationships and lasting 

understanding between individuals of all cultures and ages through music, arts, and entertainment. 



To provide opportunities and outlets for men, women, 

and children to identify their creative inner self through 

events, training, and personal development for all talent.  



To help develop, nurture, and manage entertainment 

careers for all interested candidates seeking to have a 

successful future in the entertainment industry.